Friendly Organic Foods offers delicious healthy organic snacks for the whole family. Based on our own grown and dried fruits and organic cacao, we develop tasty mixtures and combinations to satisfy every taste bud. Once you try them, they will surely become a part of your shopping list.

We work from the soil all the way up to the final packed products, involving our community in the whole farming and manufacturing processes. 

Friendly Organic Foods are 100% NATURAL without any sugar or additives. We dry our fruits at the lowest possible temperature, in order to preserve the maximum nutritional values of our products.

     Dried organic Mango

     Dried organic Bananas

     Tropical fruit truffle balls

     Tropical fruit bars 

     Dried pineapple

     Dried papaya

     Organic Cacao nibs

     Organic Cacao powder

     Fruit infusions 

Go ahead, visit our store and try our products! You will not be disappointed and will surely come back for more...



Delicious all natural tropical Friendly Fruit      Bars

USDA certified Organic
European Union certified organic


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