Dried Organic Mango - Our Biggest seller!

People all over the world love mangoes, and since production windows are limited, having them dried is a great way to enjoy them during the whole year.

Friendly Organic Foods dried organic mango, keeps and concentrates the wonderful taste and aroma of fresh mango right in your pantry.

Dried mangoes The Benefits of Organic Raw Dried Mangoes

It is true that dried fruits are not the same as their fresh versions, but the fact of removing water from them, brings out the best of their tropical flavors.

Though dried mango does contain a higher concentration of sugar, calories, and carbohydrates than fresh mango, it is still a healthy snack that can provide your body with some of the vitamins it needs. First of all, dried mango is a wonderful source of vitamin A, which helps regulate the metabolism. It also contains some vitamin C, but the levels of this vitamin tend to decline during the drying process.

Mangoes are also good sources of the following: 

• Phenols, which are antioxidants with anticancer capabilities.

• Iron, which is important in avoiding anemia.

• Vitamin E, good for skin and hair.

• Selenium, which fights heart disease.

• Calcium, which contributes to strong bones.

Dried mango is a great snack that is healthier than its alternatives, such as candy, cookies, and other decidedly unhealthy foods.