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A sneak peak of us!

Who we are

We are a family business!
We have been involved in organic farming and exporting since 2004, and we are now using our organic fruits as healthy 100% natural snacks.

At Friendly Organic Foods, we are focused on supplying clean delicious healthy snacks for the whole family and we are committed and convinced that we are responsible for maintaining a clean planet and healthy happy people, so we place our biggest efforts in securing the well being of our partners and consumers.

We love to be creative so we are constantly looking for new products and product combinations, so stay tuned for surprises! 

Our goals are to keep creating clean, healthy snacks and to produce every product with a strong positive social impact of our community and minimum environmental impact.


Our dehydration plant is located in a small town outside the city called Petrillo. Our presence there has given a small number of residents an opportunity to work near their homes and improve their overall lifestyle.  We wish to empower these kind people so they grow, as we do. 


From our family, to every workers family, to your family; we wish to spread a healthy and friendly lifestyle

How? Well, for the healthy part; we have a commitment with our products, and that is to always keep our ingredients clean, organic and 100% natural. No matter what! 

As for the friendly lifestyle part, we like to share our joys, focus on all the good stuff, chat about positive topics, remember to be grateful and always be nice and smile to everyone around us. This is the way we create friendly relationships with our workers, farmers, buyers and associates.
As equal as important, is our relationship with our ecosystem. We love our mountains, forest, beaches, rivers and cascades. And we are committed to do as much as we can to have a friendly bond with mother nature.

Happy workers make happy foods! And we believe that it's possible to enjoy our jobs, fulfill the quality standards in every product and to be in peace with the environment.

That’s what we call a eco friendly – people friendly kind of life!

Be sure that every time you enjoy our snacks, someone back in Ecuador made it with a friendly smile for you.

Our Team

A family business created in Ecuador for the rest of the world.


The one with the vision.


The creative one.


Sales Manager
The one this glues everything together.