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T H I S   I S   H O W

I T   A L L   S T A R T E D


If we go back to where it all really really started, we would have to take you to our grandfather's banana farm in a small rural area 3 hours from the city. This was for many years my dad's fixed vacation spot when school was over. Later on, our dad would take my sister and I to grandpa’s farm and we would have the best time in our tropical playground. We would run all day, get muddy, eat plenty of fresh fruits, catch butterflies, splash into rivers, go horseback riding, and just be free and happy.

We still remember those days and a big smile invades our faces and joy fills our hearts. We clearly remember plenty of fun stories shared with our family! We are certain that those free and happy moments made us love and appreciate nature so much and being aware of all the efforts every person involved in agriculture does.

As we got older, we stopped going to the farm with our dad and started doing whatever teenagers do. Then came the day when our loved grandpa and his farm were gone forever… yet the spirit remains and surely will for good.

Our dad managed to stay in the banana business with his own farm, and as time went by, my sister and I were suddenly adults studying and working in different areas. To make the long story short, one thing led to another and we ended up working with our dad in his fresh organic banana export business.

One day he came up with the idea of dehydrating organic bananas to be eaten as snacks. We followed the idea and took it even further. We started experimenting with all the tropical fruits we enjoyed as kids in those farm adventure days.

Now, thanks to every little thing that happened in our lives, we are happy producers of dried fruits and natural fruit snacks. We create healthy foods and we wish to spread a lifestyle where we are in complete harmony with people and the environment, hence our motto "Eco friendly - People friendly". 

We know we still have a long way to go, but we are proud of what we do and we know that our grandpa would be proud as well.

Our story isn’t finished yet...